You Need For
  • GoToWebinar
  • Facebook Ads
  • Video Tracking
  • Timed Offers
  • SMS Messaging
  • Split Testing
  • Human Dates
  • Event Check-In
Powerful tools, add-ons and integrations that make it fast & easy to:

  • Create Evergreen Timed Offerings
  • Synced Facebook Ads
  • GoToWebinar Integration
  • and much more!
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What PlusThis Can Do For You

Increase Conversions

Use PlusThis to pull off clever marketing tactics from the top internet marketers without having to hire your own developer.

PlusThis lets you get more conversions with simple tools that let you…

  • Create expiring offers
  • Add a countdown timer
  • Trigger automation based on watching videos, replying to an email and more

Save Time

PlusThis allows you to automate the tedious parts of your business and save you tons of time in your marketing processes.

Some ways PlusThis helps you save time include…

  • Syncing Facebook Audiences without the need to export your lists back and forth
  • Run GoToWebinars using Infusionsoft without juggling lists
  • Setup an evergreen launch without having to change out links or pages once they’ve expired

Save Money

Pay one low monthly fee for access to 30+ features and free live support.

PlusThis saves you money on having to purchase a separate app for…

  • Sending SMS messages
  • Syncing Facebook Custom Audiences and Lead Ads
  • GoToWebinar Integrations
  • Countdown timers and more


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Feature Overview

Integrate Infusionsoft With Other Services

Infusionsoft is such a big part of your business. You need it to be able to talk to the other services you use.

We are constantly building integrations between Infusionsoft and other tools. Our GoToWebinar Integration allows you to connect your webinars to your Infusionsoft account with ease. Run Facebook Ads? We’ve integrated Infusionsoft with Facebook so you can finally sync your campaigns to your ads using Facebook Audience Triggers.

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Market Like the Pros

Apply the same ninja tactics the top Infusionsoft users are applying in their business.

Add urgency to your campaigns using Evergreen Timed Offers. Track how long people are watching your videos and then followup accordingly using Video Triggers. Or maybe you want to A/B test your emails so you can squeeze in a few more conversions.

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Automate More of Your Business

Our customers are busy. We’ve automated the processes they do most often so they can stick to what they do best.

Use Easy Check-In to automate the process of checking people in to your in-person events and know exactly who attended. Automate your webinar process of sending reminders, tracking who’s attending and followup accordingly. Use SMS to automate reminders for your customers or other areas of your business.

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Get Better Insight Into Your Business

Infusionsoft is overwhelmingly full of information, it’s just hard to find what you really want. We’ve built some tools to help.

Track how your emails and pages are converting with our A/B testing. Or find out the lifetime customer value of your contacts.

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Our Feature Library

Newest Features

Facebook Audience Triggers

Automate adding/removing contacts to your Facebook Custom Audiences as they progress through your sales funnel

Email Triggers

Apply tags, send emails, start campaigns and any number of things when someone replies to your emails

Page Triggers

Tag contacts for taking action on your website, including unique tags or triggers based on how long they spent on the page.

Countdown Timer

Create a countdown widget for use on your order forms and sales pages.

Other Features

GoToWebinar Integration

Automate your webinar registration, reminders and followup all from inside Infusionsoft

Evergreen Campaigns

Make a unique experience for each contact that comes through your campaigns

Expiring Offers

Make special offers dynamically expire based on when a contact enters your campaigns

Humanizing Dates

Make your merged dates appear in emails like a human wrote them instead of a robot

Easy Check-In

Know who attends your in-person events with an easy to use check in system…all inside Infusionsoft

File Uploader

Allow users to upload files to their contact record File Box in Infusionsoft


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What PlusThis Users Are Saying


“There’s an easy way to get more money from your funnels. It’s called PlusThis. I recommend it to everyone.”


– Frank Kern


“PlusThis and its whole array of awesome features ROCKS – it makes our marketing even more magical!

– Mari Smith, Mari Smith International


I HIGHLY recommend PlusThis. This add-on is a MUST for anyone who uses Infusionsoft.”


– Loral Langemeier, 5 Time New York Time Best Seller & 2015 Top Infusionsoft Trusted Partner

Used by Infusionsoft's Best and Brightest

3 Reasons Why PlusThis is One of the Most Trusted Infusionsoft Add-ons

Why The Pros Trust PlusThis

With 5 years of experience building products and solutions for Infusionsoft’s elite, PlusThis is one of the most trusted and used Infusionsoft addons. Founded by two of Infusionsoft’s past executives, you can feel confident we know Infusionsoft well. In addition, we are rated as one of the top six Infusionsoft apps on the marketplace with over 80+ five star reviews.

5 Years Experience

Building products and solutions for Infusionsoft’s elite.

Founded by Infusionsoft Execs

We KNOW Infusionsoft.

Top Infusionsoft Marketplace App

One of the top rated and used Infusionsoft apps on the marketplace

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