Feature Spotlight: Easy Check-In

Know who attended your in-person events and follow-up accordingly

How it Works

Every feature in PlusThis performs a specific function. However, the possibilities for how you want to use the feature are endless. Explore this page to see how it works, popular use cases and idea guides.

  • 1. Pick a Tag

    Select a tag that indicates a record is eligible for your event. As well as a tag to be applied when the QR code is scanned (optional).

  • 2. Store Check-In Times

    Choose where to store your guests’ check-in times.

  • 3. Create Your QR Code (Optional)

    Customize your QR code badge to send your guests.

  • 4. Show Customer Fields As You Check Them In

    Pull up customer information as you check them in. View seating arrangements, food preferences…or anything else you need.

  • 5. Check-In Your Guests

    As guests arrive, check them in with your QR scanner or on a device using our built-in interface.

  • 6. Trigger Stuff

    Trigger Infusionsoft automations to happen when someone is checked in. Send agendas, welcome emails, or any other helpful resources.

Popular Use Cases

Print Tickets/Badges: With Easy Check-in, we create a QR code that can be scanned by any QR code reader so you can check people in. We also allow you to password protect the check-in page so that only your staff can check people into the event.

Apply Tags On Scan: Apply tags as soon as someone’s code is scanned, so you can run all kinds of automation in Infusionsoft based on their attendance. Send attendees content, create attendance reports, and much, much more.

Print Tickets/Badges

Easily Check-In Guests

Apply Tags on Scan

View Attendee Info

Easily Check Them In: Gone are the days of paper registrants and searching for their name. All you need is a free QR code reader on your phone. Checking someone in to an event is as easy as scanning their code. You can have all kinds of automation start once they check in as well.

View Attendance Info: Not only is the check-in process incredibly easy, but also once you scan the attendee’s code, you have the ability to configure the Easy Check-in feature to display any information from the contact record, such as seating arrangements, food preferences, goals, survey question answers, or any other field from the contact record.

“We had 2000 people attend our event and it was a complete success. We’re even getting reviews about how 'organized' the event was. I, for one, am thrilled that I was able to actually track WHO showed up so easily.”

-Kristin Moore, The Gymnastics Coach -

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