About Us

The minds behind PlusThis

Dave Lee, Overseer

Hi! I’m Dave. I’m an entrepreneur, marketer, optimist, and sales junkie. I’ve been on the Internet since 1987 (I no longer have a mullet) and involved with web-based software for over 15 years. My superhero skill is to call my shot and make it happen. After receiving an MBA in 2000, I discovered I love building and growing startup companies. In early 2005, I joined Infusionsoft and grew the business from $600k to over $17 million in recurring revenue over a five-year period. Having driven success for other businesses, in 2011, I decided to start creating my own ventures, including PlusThis.

Despite wearing a mullet in the 80s, I’ve been fortunate enough to do some pretty cool things over the years. I received an EXPY award for Media and Communications and was also named a Warrillow Marketer of the Year finalist. I helped Infusionsoft achieve the prestigious Inc. 500 award three years in a row. I’ve been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox television affiliates speaking on marketing automation and small business success, and was quoted in Forbes Magazine as one of America’s PremierExperts™. I’ve also been featured in CNBC, Reuters, MarketWatch, and Yahoo Finance, among other notable news outlets throughout the country.

I love skiing, wakesurfing, and kiteboarding (by far, the hardest sport I’ve learned). My current dream car is the McLaren Senna and I’ve always wanted to spend a week heli-skiing in Alaska or Canada. For me, family comes first. I have an amazing wife and three young boys that keep me on my toes.


Todd Stoker, Maker

I'm a self-taught software developer, driven by a lifelong passion for the Internet and technology. I enjoy finding and creating solutions that leverage technology to serve people. Web technology is especially exciting because it is always evolving, enabling more and better opportunities to make a difference.

I have a degree in Computer Information Systems from Arizona State University and have been working with CRMs and Marketing Automation since 2009.

I love to experiment and tinker. I spend much of my day testing new software libraries and services, seeing how others solve complex problems. I am most happy when I’m able to put to practice new ideas or improve on something I did in the past.


Bryce Christiansen, Charmer

Greetings! I’m a marketer, writer and creator. I’ve had quite an interesting career in marketing so far. My first marketing job was as a consultant for Microsoft, Dell, and Nestle, helping them train their people and promoting their products. (I don’t miss melting to death inside a Nestle bunny suit anymore.) From there I’ve worked in sales selling IT services. But for the last 5 years I was the head of marketing for an executive coaching company.

I’ve created award winning sites including one Forbes featured in their “Top 100 Sites for Your Career” list. I’ve consulted executives at Google, Apple, SAP and more around personal branding and other marketing initiatives. I’m personally passionate about creating engaging content that helps educate customers on solving their business problems.

When I’m not working I enjoy being a huge dork. I love comic books, board games and audio books. I also like getting outdoors, usually taking my dog and a paddle board with me. I’m a two time cancer survivor with a can do attitude. I look forward to getting to know the PlusThis community and helping you all get more leads and conversions.


Christiaan Schmid, Doer

Salut à tous! My name is Christiaan, and yes there are two a’s. I am a developer here at PlusThis and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I recently graduated from ASU with a degree in Computer Science and let me just say this, I’m glad to be done with school! Designing and building new tools for PlusThis users definitely beats studying for some exam. PlusThis has given me the ability to expand my capabilities and focus more on technologies that I am passionate about and at the same time help small businesses reach and exceed their goals.

One of my greatest accomplishments and blessings in life was marrying my high school sweetheart. Together we have a two children who make us the happiest parents in the world!

In my free time I enjoy playing softball and golf. I love woodworking and seeing something evolve from paper and pencil to a beautiful piece of furniture. I can speak French, but being in Arizona doesn’t help me much with that…


Courtney Kessler, Enthusiast

Hello friends! I’m currently working for PlusThis in a customer success role. I’m from a small town in Arizona, where I spent most of my life playing softball. I started traveling (club) softball when I was in the fifth grade and continued playing until my sophomore year of college. Although, it was tough quitting a sport that felt like my best friend, it lead me to a better life. I switched my major to communications because I knew I wanted to service people like small business owners. Coming across PlusThis, I instantly knew I wanted to work here.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, eating, being outside as much as possible, and anything that involves competition. I would consider myself an adrenaline junkie, a good stomach drop is always nice. I love traveling and try to often, even though it can be challenging with a toddler. I have been to ten states in the United States, a few islands in the Caribbean, Mexico, and even Europe.


McKenna Branaghan, Go Getter

Hello! My name is McKenna and I am currently the Marketing Assistant here at PlusThis. I graduated from ASU with my Bachelor’s in Business Communication a year ago, and just started my Master’s program for Digital Audience Strategy. I’m super excited to be furthering my education and getting some knowledge to bring to PlusThis!

I have two dogs that demand constant attention, a Golden Retriever, Jameson, and a Boxer-German Shepard, Melon. On the days where the Arizona heat is somewhat manageable, I love to take them on adventures and explore what this amazing state has to offer. Sedona is one of my favorite spots, and sometimes I’ll drive the two hours to see the beautiful red rocks. Seeing the dogs excitedly play in the water makes me so happy!

If I’m not adventuring around with my friends and our dogs, you’ll find me cuddled up watching a Quentin Tarantino movie. Probably Pulp Fiction, but possibly The Hateful Eight, Django: Unchained, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, or Reservoir Dogs. Really, any of Tarantino’s movies...There isn’t a bad one!


Noah Lee, Dreamer

What’s up! I’m Noah. I’m a Customer Love Advocate here at PlusThis. I grew up in Gilbert, Arizona and am the oldest of 3 boys - I’m basically the guinea pig of the family. I attended Brigham Young University for a short period of time before embarking on a journey of self discovery...fancy for “dropping out.” Since BYU, I have started a couple businesses, started taking online alternative MBA classes, and started my day trading career. I’m very excited to continue this journey of mine with PlusThis!

If I’m not at work, I’m either getting a pump in the gym, eating lots of food, or cruising around Gilbert with the windows down blasting my music at full volume. I love connecting with people and creating relationships. I am very passionate about ontology; I’m committed to producing a life filled with intentional creation. That being said, I have some BIG dreams up my sleeve. Favorite interests include: fitness, entrepreneurship, kiteboarding, money-making, skiing, learning, fitness, traveling, fishing, exotic cars, and mountain biking. Oh, one very important thing about me - my favorite color is black. You will see me wear black 99% of the time.

And yes, I’m proud to say that my father is the captain of the ship that people call PlusThis:) I’m very blessed to work for him and continue learning from him!


Tim Withers, Thinker

Hey! My name is Tim and I love to code. I grew up around technology and have always been intrigued by programming. I developed my first script to do some homework assignment when I was still in elementary school, and I was hooked. I have written and contributed to dozens of applications, and I am excited to continue building and improving the amazing tools PlusThis has to offer.

One funny story about me is that I have two Bachelor's degrees: A Bachelor of Science in Biology from Brigham Young University, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Northern Arizona University. I loved school and I did really want to be a nurse, but my passion for coding and a job offer right after I graduated took me to where I am today.

When I am not working, I am a nerd and love reading, learning about new technologies, and coding random things. I have a soft spot for video games when I can find time, and enjoy being active outdoors and riding my bike. The bulk of my time however, is spent having a blast with my family.


Ryland Crandell, Wrangler

Hey! I’m Ryland. I’m a Customer Success Representative here at PlusThis. I’ve used PlusThis tools many times before working here and loved the software, so when I got the opportunity to work for PlusThis, I was all over it. I love a challenge and love to find solutions. I was taught when I was younger, “There is always a way”, with today’s technology there is nothing you can’t figure out. I have always loved this saying and it has helped me to always have the mindset that I can figure it out.

I am the second born out of five kids. One older brother and three younger sisters. I’ve grown up in Arizona besides moving to California when I was fourteen, We lived there for three years but my family was really missing Arizona and moved back. In my free time, you can usually find me outside. I love the outdoors. One of my favorite outdoor activities is team roping. I also love to hunt and get out in the wilderness or enjoy a good round of golf.