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Bradley Will

CEO - Riseable

PlusThis is great. Long term user. Easily over 6 figures in online sales generated through this simple tool.

Jade Olivia

CEO - Jade Olivia Consulting

Keap is amazing, but PlusThis really takes it to the next level! Favorite features: SMS Sequences, Smart Links (GAME CHANGER!), and much more!

Renee Trask


I absolutely LOVE PlusThis! It makes Keap FUN! So MANY features and added functionality! A MUST HAVE!

Peter Fehler

CEO - Gallery Marketing

PlusThis fills in many important missing holes in Keap. Great necessary add-on.

Cheryl Hunt

CEO - Barron Marketing

If I only used the features that saved me time from manual admin type tasks, PlusThis would be worth it alone. But then you add in those that actually convert more sales, it's a no-brainer.

Paul Armson

CEO - Inspiring Advisers Online

PlusThis is brilliant! I use their toolkit, but especially enjoy how their video triggers allows me to see how much of my video a contact watches and follow-up accordingly. Highly recommend!

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