How SixthDivision Simplified Branching Automation In ActiveCampaign Case Study

How Jake Talbert Simplifies ActiveCampaign Automations With Branching Paths Using PlusThis

Jake Talbert helps his clients automate their business with ActiveCampaign. One challenge that comes up often is how to automate something when there are more than two branching paths. Here is his clean and simple solution to that challenge.

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The Story

In a typical week, Jake is setting up 6 to 12 campaigns for his clients using marketing automation tools like ActiveCampaign. When he needs to have contacts branch into different paths when Yes/No isn't enough, the automation can become overly complex and spread out with multiple chains of Yes/No.

PlusThis gives him a way to simplify his automation and make it much cleaner. 

Challenges I needed to solve

Chains and chains of yes/no segmenting in my automations

There are many times I need to create an automation where I need to branch people down different paths based on more than a yes/no answer. Doing so means I need to branch yes/no decision paths multiple times, until I cover the possible scenarios I need to automate.

The Example

In my campaign we wanted to send follow-up based on when people signed up for a training. Because people could sign up seven different days, our automation in ActiveCampaign could quickly become cluttered if we had to check if they signed up on, did they sign up on Tuesday, no, etc.

How SixthDivision Simplified Branching Automation In ActiveCampaign Case Study
How SixthDivision Simplified Branching Automation In ActiveCampaign Case Study

Tools and Solutions PlusThis Solved

Decison Maker

PlusThis Decision Maker allows me to apply tags on a wide variety of conditions including tags, dates, link clicks, and more. This allows me to segment people down different paths in a campaign with one clean step instead of chain after chain of "yes/no" decision points.


PlusThis saves me hours upon hours setting up critical campaigns for my clients where people need to be segmented to different follow-up based on their tags, link clicks, dates, statuses and more.

Because of PlusThis, I can create campaigns that are simpler for our clients, are easier to set up, and make complex business journeys possible to automate with ActiveCampaign.

PlusThis is a time-saving, sales converting, customer wow-ing machine.

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