Set Field

A simple tool that allows you to set a field to a value you choose, or copy a value from another field.

Available for:

  • Keap
  • Ontraport
  • ActiveCampaign

How It Works

Choose Field

Choose which field you'd like to either assign a value to, or copy from another field.

Choose Value

Set the value you'd like to assign to the custom field you chose.

Choose Field to Copy

You also have the option to choose a field to copy instead of choosing a value for the field. In this case, you'd set which field you'd like to copy.

How Can We Help You?

Keap is just a piece of work, and a league of its own when it comes to marketing automation... And when you try it, you are like 100% sure that there is nothing to be added to it... But then you get PlusThis and add it up to your Keap and that is when the Ferrari of the marketing automation industry grows its wings and becomes US Air Force Jet Fighter :) And I am not joking for one second when writing all this... PlusThis is that good. Thank you guys :)

- Vuk Pjescic

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