Tag Associated Records

Use when working with businesses that may have multiple contacts associated with them. Great for keeping associated records moving through a funnel together. 

Available for:

  • Keap

How It Works

Define Field

Choose which field you want to use. This field will define the relationship between the contact records. An example would be the "Company" field.

Choose Tag

Choose the tag to apply to all associated records.

Trigger Tagging

Trigger your tagging through an http post in Keap.

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We love PlusThis. As a husband and wife business, we are dedicated to fully automated marketing and sales - it's the only way we can scale. And, we are extremely picky about the third party tech we invest in for one reason: it takes time and money to implement something new. So, in our world apps and add-ons have to be amazing or we move on. PlusThis allows us do things in Keap that we used to only dream about. I remember the first time I looked at their site and thought "we can do that!?" "Whoa, what if we could do that?!" It was an instant game changer in our business. That's why we are a client. Highly recommend.

- Kristen Schuerlein

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