Company Score Report

Build a lead score report by company instead of individual.

Available for:

  • HubSpot

How It Works

Select What Companies to Score

Run your company score report across all of the companies in your CRM or individual companies.

Calculate the Lead Score

Add up or average all of the predictive lead scores.

Store the Company Score On a Company Field

Choose where you'd like to store the result for future reference.

How Can We Help You?

Excellent collection of features! I made a list of things that I found missing in Keap as I was starting to work with it and thought I would have to either wait for a long time until they get implemented or buy a number of different tools and spend plenty of money. Well, PlusThis had every feature that I needed. Some were just tiny little things, such as being able to calculate dates, but all were absolutely necessary to get my campaigns done the way I wanted. Thanks guys!

- Markus Bohunovsky

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