Mamiko Ito Calendly Case Study

How Mamiko Ito uses PlusThis to integrate Keap with Calendly

Mamiko is a world-renowned business coach from Chile. She offers strategy sessions to her clients using a combination of Calendly and PlusThis. Learn how she manages her time and calls with this video case study.

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The Story

Many people come to Mamiko for business advice by scheduling a strategy call with her. Mamiko has a limited amount of time she can accept new clients, so she needed a smart way to handle appointments and scheduling.

Challenges I needed to solve

Connect Calendly with my CRM

I needed a way to have my appointments scheduled from Calendly to connect with my marketing CRM where I sent out reminders, follow-up and more.

Stop reminders after someone schedules a strategy session

Once someone schedules a strategy session with me, I needed a way to stop reminders to schedule from going out.

Mamiko Ito Calendly Case Study
Mamiko Ito Calendly Case Study

The tools that solved my challenges

Calendly Connection

PlusThis Calendly Connection allows me to take my leads from my site who schedule a strategy session with me and adds them into my CRM so I can send any follow-up I like. In addition, I can apply a tag when someone schedules which allows me to stop future reminders from going out.


Using PlusThis, I am able to create a simple and streamlined process for my strategy sessions. I can focus on hopping on my strategy sessions and not worry about who needs a reminder, who needs my follow-up emails, and more.

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