Jake's Trading Strategies Webinar Case Study

How Chris Moody Spends 2 Minutes Per Week Managing Over 400 Members

Chris Moody with Jake's Trading Strategies was looking for a solution to have his entire membership events and webinars be completely automated. They now only spend a few minutes per week on a webinar process that runs itself. Check out the video for more details.

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The Story

See how Chris and his team use the PlusThis Zoom Webinar Connection tool to spend only 2 minutes per week managing over 400 members

Challenges I needed to solve

Needed to automate my membership

We run multiple members-only live events, and need a process to automate the events so it doesn't take away valuable time every week. 

Wanted customization

I wanted a way to customize my emails so I could segment them based on whether or not they attended or didn't attend, or even send custom reminders leading up to the event.

Jake's Trading Strategies Webinar Case Study
Jake's Trading Strategies Webinar Case Study

The tools that solved my challenges

Zoom Webinar Connection

Zoom Webinar Connection allowed me to easily copy my ActiveCampaign integration with Zoom for every single meeting. It also allowed me to customize follow up to send out of ActiveCampaign instead of Zoom, and increased my email engagement rate.


Not only does this only take me 2 minutes per week to do, but being able to customize and follow up with webinar members increases my email engagement rates, too.

Tools Covered In This Case Study